12 Signs You’ve Been Travelling For A Long Time

I am now currently ten months in to my Australia travels (I know!! Ten months already!!) and it’s definitely been an eventful ten months at that! Since I arrived in Australia last year and walked into a hostel for the first time I have completely changed as a person. I’ve stopped worrying about everyone and everything I’m missing back home, and instead I’ve started living my life the way I want to. And you know what, it’s fantastic.

Anyway I know there are tons of posts like this on nearly every travel blog out there, but I felt these points were most applicable to me and my life as a traveller. How many do you agree with?

Twelve Signs You’ve Been Travelling For A Long Time…

Your phone contacts is full of numbers of people you’ve met travelling. Usually a combination of their first name and the place you met them.

You have become a master of one pan meals. Hostel kitchens can sometimes be a nightmare. Sometimes you don’t have the space or the equipment, therefore any meal that can be made in one pan is not only easier and less stressful, but also means less washing up. Which is always a bonus.

Losing your ear plugs or eye mask will send you in to a meltdown.

You always opt for the larger dorm rooms rather than the smaller, single sex ones. People don’t scare you anymore. Plus they’re usually cheaper. And more fun.

You realise that the grubbiest and cheapest hostels usually have the best atmosphere. And the smaller, cleaner ones are a lot quieter. And if it’s clean, cheap and has a good atmosphere, well then, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot. Never leave.

You learn to pack your backpack like a pro. Every thing has a place and fits perfectly if done right. You hate doing it every time you move on, but it gets easier and quicker.

Hostels with free breakfast and/or tea/coffee are an absolute god send! Or any other free offerings!

You start to meet people on your travels who you have mutual friends with. Or you meet the same people in different parts of the country (THIS IS THE BEST FEELING!)

You realise you’ve been living off the same four meals for the last however many months. Which usually involves pasta, bread, canned vegetables, noodles.

Your backpack literally becomes a travelling memory box.

You have little or no desire to go back to your old life back home. Instead you have all these new plans and a list of countries you want to visit next. (THIS IS SO ME!!!)

You start to meet people who have only only just started their travels and you think back to how scared and nervous you were. And realise how much you have changed in that space of time.

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