My Favourite Pictures From 2016

When: January

Where: Kangaroo Island

After nine months travelling solo my mum came to visit me on Kangaroo Island. I still remember the morning I sat in the airport waiting for her and them bawling my eyes out when she came through the doors. And I was so happy that I got to show mum Kangaroo Island, a place I had been calling home for months. This photo was taken at Kangaroo Islabd Wildlife Park where we fed kangaroos and cuddled koalas.

(Find out more about Kangaroo Island here)

When: April

Where: K’gari

After being in employment for six months and having saved a fair bit of money, I decided to embark on a new adventure back in Queensland. I booked a Fraser Island camping tour with Dropbear Adventures. And honestly, it was the best decision I ever made. The minute I arrived on the island I was in absolute awe and I knew right away that I didn’t want to leave.

And little did I know that I would become part of the Drop Bear family and call K’gari my home for three months.

(Read about my K’gari adventures here)

When: July

Where: Cairns

In July, I worked with EF language school in Cairns as an Activity Leader. Though I had mixed feelings about the job, there were definitely some highs. This photo in particular is one of my favourites. Despite the long hours, the hot and humid weather and the lack of sleep, it was moments like this I realised that I love my job and the amazing people I get to meet while doing it.

When: My 24th Birthday (September)

Where: K’gari

For my 23rd birthday last year I celebrated by doing a skydive over mission beach. Though it was an amazing experience, I didn’t share the occasion with any close friends. This year I was fortunate enough to spend my birthday on the beautiful island of K’gari with some truly amazing people. Plus, my beautiful Dropbear family made me these awesome birthday cupcakes.

The truth is, three months ago I left a piece of my heart on K’gari, and I don’t think I’ll ever truly recover.

When: September

Where: Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay

As a treat for all the Drop Bear family, Momma and Poppa Bear took us all on a whale watching trip in Hervey Bay and it was an experience that I revel about even today. Everyone knows that whales are the biggest living animals on earth, but honestly I did not comprehend their actual size until I saw them in such close proximity. I mean, WOW! It was such an incredible day, something that I recommend to everyone!

When: November

Where: Bondi, Sydney

In October I settled in Port Stephens (just a couple of hours north of Sydney) I took a trip down to Bondi to meet one of my favourite travel friends. Honestly, I didn’t think I would like Bondi. I assumed it would be very touristy and commercial, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, of course, it is touristy. It’s Bondi after all. However, the vibe and atmosphere was very relaxed, very friendly.

When: December

Where: Mount Tomaree, Port Stephens

And so this is where I found myself spending my last few months in Australia. Although, I didn’t know that at the time. But, the truth is, Port Stephens (and in particular, Nelson Bay) is a beautiful place with the most incredible scenery. And of course some amazing people. Definitely worth a stopover on your road trip from Sydney.

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